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Production capabilities

We have the following production potential and production capabilities:

  1. Turning operations:
    • External turning up to Ø 6000 mm and L=6000 mm, weight of elements up to 40 tons
    • Turning on vertical lathes up to Ø 4100 mm and L=2000 mm
    • External and internal turning of rings up to Ø 6000 mm and L=1000
    • Turning on vertical numeric lathes up to Ø 2000 mm
    • Turning of cone-shaped surfaces, curved surfaces, weight of elements up to 15 tons
    • Turning on conventional lathes
  2. Milling opeations:
    • Milling of housings, bars, blocks using horizontal milling machines (also planer mills) with dimensions of 1250x4000x1600 - height
    • Milling of gear wheels with module from 1 up to 10
    • Machining on CNC centres type HP-4, HP-5, and CNC milling-drilling machines type FYJ with tolerance range up to 0,03 mm
    • Milling of large-size elements with dimensions 900x6000 mm using planner mills
  3. Milling, boring, drilling and threading the holes with using boring machines
  4. Slotting operations using big slotting machines
  5. Drilling operations:
    • Drilling and threading the holes up to Ø 150 and M 120 in housings on multiradial drilling machines
    • Drilling the long holes with length up to 3000 mm and diameter up to 150 mm in plates and rollers
    • Drilling elements with diameter up to 7000 mm
  6. Grinding operations:
    • Grinding the rings and disc-type plates up to Ø 1000 mm
    • Grinding the holes up to Ø 200 mm
    • Honing the holes up to Ø 300 mm and lenght L=1000 mm
    • Grinding the internal cones
    • Grinding the shafts up to Ø 600 mm and L=2300 mm
  7. Welding operations:
    • Welding using electrodes all types
    • CO2 welding
  8. Metal working operations
  9. Cutting and burning:
    • Cutting bars up to Ø 400 mm
    • Cutting steel plates with thickness up to 300 mm
    • Cutting elements on numeric cutting machines
    • Burning the plates (CNC) up to 200 mm
  10. Painting, oxidizing, manganese phosphatizing
  11. Bending the pipes using benders
  12. Cleansing the surfaces with shot- and sand-blasting
  13. Lifting capacity:
    • Overhead cranes from 5 up to 40 tons
    • Stationary cranes 1 ton
    • Fork-lift truck
  14. Transport with truck
  15. Big area of store

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