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About company

Steering Gear Production Plant Ltd. was established in 2002 on the basis of the Machine Tool Factory that was built in 1938. The location of the company is Tarnobrzeg within old COP (Central Industry Circle).

Steering Gear Production Plant Ltd. provides mainly different types of production services in the range of machining of big elements for shipbuilding industry, power, iron and steel, engineering/machine-building, cement industries and building.

We do the following operations: turning, boring, milling, drilling, grinding, welding, metal working, cutting, threading the holes, burning, chiseling, painting. We do metal machining both rough and finishing with high professional quality. We specialize in machining of cast iron all types, cast steel and also high speed steel. We are able to do finishing machining with the exactness to 0,01 mm and have production capabilities to deal with elements with weight of even 40 tons.

In the range of our capabilities is making steering gears for different types of ships together with total mounting, painting and testing in the modern test station with computer simulation of real work of the steering gear. In this range we make rotary vane steering gears for oceangoing ships for Norwegian concern Aker Kvaerner Porsgrunn AS. These steering gears are mounted in the shipyards all over the world, starting from 425 type till the biggest – 800 type, that weighs 40 tons. Doing so precise machining like steering gear machining, we can say without hesitation that we are not afraid of taking up the machining of all types of elements, provided that this is in the range of our production capabilities. That is why we successfully produce also: other parts for shipbuilding industry, for ex. cranks, heads for vessel motors, crankshafts for wind electro stations, elements for hydro-electric power stations, parts and sets for building machines and trucks, parts for continuous casting of steel, elements of stoves, crane elements and others.

We provide metal machining services of mainly client’s material and using client’s technical documentation. We can also use materials bought by our company if this is a request of our client. To reach and maintain quality of details, we buy only the best certificated materials and use challenging technical solutions. We also use modern measurement readings, among which we use numeric readings.

The clients of Steering Gear Production Plant Ltd. are not only domestic companies, but also companies that are located abroad. Their opinions and references proves the highest quality of our products and services. We have very skilled workers and good planned work system.

The full implementation of Quality Policy assure our Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO 9001:2009 standard.

If for your company the quality, precision and reliability is the priority, we are open for co-operation and including you among our the best partners!

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